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Tales Under The Full Moon

On June 28, 1914, a series of extraordinary events occurred around Nome, Alaska that culminated in an alleged alien abduction. While traveling home from work, a group of loggers came across an unusual looking cylindrical object. They were curious. The loggers shyly approached to examine this unearthly entity. As they eeked closer, a bright beam of light suddenly struck the loggers and sent them flying several feet backwards as if pushed by a mysterious force. The loggers awoke inside a slimy cocoon. One of the loggers broke out of the membrane that made up the cocoon to find himself floating in a zero-gravity space. Slowly peering around, he discovered that the area contained other similarly vile cocoons. He was horrified to find that some cocoons held human bodies in various stages of decomposition. He made his way down a sullen hallway to a bizarre examination room. Suddenly, he was apprehended by two extraterrestrial creatures. The aliens stripped him of his clothes and covered him with an elastic material that pinned him to a raised platform under an array of equipment and lights in the middle of the room. Despite his terrified screams, the aliens pitilessly shoved a gelatinous substance into all available orifices — solely for experimental reasons, of course. He was forced to endure an ocular probe while the aliens took a break for tea and crumpets. Trapped alone on a platform, he discovered that he was beside a machine that appeared to be used for sexual intercourse. The aliens then returned to extract his life-giving seed and encased him in another cocoon, in which he was left to slowly and painfully decompose. Don’t you know people go missing every day?


All music composed & performed by Earnest Woodall (2022)

Produced by Chris Gordon, Earnest Woodall, Zephyrwood Studios & Woodall Productions

Earnest Woodall: Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Programming Synthesizer/Sampler, Field Recording Samples

Engineered by Chris Gordon & Earnest Woodall

Recorded and Mixed at the Zephyrwood Studios, Northport, NY USA

Art & Cover Design by Earnest Woodall

Special Thanks To: Barbara Bassmann Woodall, Christopher John Woodall, James Wyatt Woodall, Ernie Sr, Peter Rogine, Chris Gordon, Mike Pippia, Mike Schipp, Thomas Bassmann, Bernice, Liane, Laura, Kurtis, Jarred, Oma

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Pictures In Mind by Earnest Woodall "This masterful jewel of artistry and humor, a music that talks a tale and walks a path all its own to describe the joy of art and wonder, thank you mr woodall, for the pleasure
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Pondering by Earnest Wodall
Time to Think by Earnest Woodall "It's music that relaxes you and then he does something that grabs your attention and makes you listen to the various layers of sound. A Masterpiece of  music that contained emotion expressed in a complex, subtle, intelligent and extremely inspired musical language."
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Pondering by Earnest Wodall
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Random Transmutation by Earnest Woodall Peter Bürger, for example, says avant-gardism rejects the "institution of art" and challenges social and artistic values, and so necessarily involves political, social, and cultural factors
Sphere Acid Burn by Earnest Woodall "Impressionistic adventure through the modern world - As each piece ventures - you move further through a cycle of emotions. A sense of increased acceptance of the bitter sweet melodies and arrangements"
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