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Dreamers are those living souls that know the purpose of the dream in terms of energy, frequency & vibration. Once there was fairies, elves and angels from beyond the stars. Apparitions coming down from the sky, as if the brilliant full moon was coming down, illuminating in all directions. Now they are aliens from beyond the stars because we no longer give credence to anything but humans.

Pondering by Earnest Wodall

Time keeps vanishing away into emptiness while we dine on our distractions. Supersede the squandered sentence of living before it melts away. Savor the lushness of lingering sleep and lingering dreams before the strong, stifling perceptiveness of morning, the ticking clock, and the sounds of the daily hustle and bustle form a powerful feeling of anxiety. Return in thought to the lush dreams in our lingering sleep.

Pondering by Earnest Wodall

Outrageous atmospheres from eclectic & analog sound sources. A collection of 10 compositions, the pieces have just enough dissonance and just enough melody for balance. This is modern avant-garde for the new millennium. - All Music Guide - Review by Jim Brenholts

Random Transmutation

by Earnest Woodall

Peter Bürger, for example, says avant-gardism rejects the "institution of art" and challenges social and artistic values, and so necessarily involves political, social, and cultural factors

Sphere Acid Burn

by Earnest Woodall

"Impressionistic adventure through the modern world - As each piece ventures - you move further through a cycle of emotions. A sense of increased acceptance of the bitter sweet melodies and arrangements"

Earnest Woodall

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