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AMERICAN IDOLS adore and use inconsistency in information to create grotesque little creatures. They convey what they think in a strong language, and in the future convey what the future imagines an even stronger language, contradicting every thing they quoted in the past. These AMERICAN IDOLS crave the chance to create their own world, their own reality, no matter the cost of their words. It’s amazing that all you have to do is say something with unshakable belief, and their followers will do practically anything you want. Their fables will leave the disciples convinced that their heart and soul belong to the AMERICAN IDOL no matter how big the fabrication.

"See Hear"

Music by Earnest Woodall

Aural Apparition Cover.jpg

Music Composed, Performed, and Recorded by Earnest Woodall

Produced by Chris Gordon

Aural Apparitions by Earnest Woodall

Dreamers are those living souls that know the purpose of the dream in terms of energy, frequency & vibration. Once there was fairies, elves and angels from beyond the stars. Apparitions coming down from the sky, as if the brilliant full moon was coming down, illuminating in all directions. Now they are aliens from beyond the stars because we no longer give credence to anything but humans.

Earnest Woodall

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