Ignis Fatuus art.jpg
Ignis Fatuus art.jpg

Ignis Fatuus by Earnest Woodall

A light that sometimes appears in the night over marshy ground. The bog-lights, vapors of mysticism, psychic overtones, soul orgies, wailings among the shadows, pan-psychic hallucinations all live.

Track 1 - Phantasm

In the Bog-lights and vapors of mysticism shows the hollow truth of the other world. Once we're able to see this world as an illusion, then we can see everything that happens as a dream. Angels and devils are our phantasmal comrades.

Track 2 - Castles in the Air

In the land where the poppy grow. Where what is desired is the dream, where obstacles dissolve, and where reality has vanished entirely. Away from noise and glare, and where we may indulge our reveries and build our air castles undisturbed. Design the castles in the air and build foundations under them.

Track 3 - Delusion of Cloudland

The clouds gather in the valley, that float from form to form. A saturation of air, distillation of dew. Two parts hydrogen, one part oxygen. It has healing virtues for the imagination. It's a breeding grounds where ideas have the luxury of being out of the spotlight, where the imagination can mutate and mate and grow. The soul will swooned slowly through the universe. 

Track 4 - Foolish Fire

Big flames and little flames, flames of every color. Some flames are so still, while others have wild flames that fill the air. Foolish flames neither burn nor shed light. Made of methane and decaying plants give a glow that's visible at night.

Track 5 - Travelers Mirage

The quintessential journey is never accomplished, the grail is always just across the next river, over the next mountain. There is always one more path to follow, one more mirage to wander through.

Track 6 - Will O' The Wisp

One note on the stave of the infinite silence of night. Singing crickets remind me of the butterfly skeletons that sleep within my mind. That musical light perceived by the spirit the will-o’-the-wisp.

All music composed & performed by Earnest Woodall (2021)

Produced by Chris Gordon, Earnest Woodall, Zephyrwood Studios & Woodall Productions

Earnest Woodall: Keyboards, Guitars, Bass, Percussion, Programming Synthesizer/Sampler, Field Recording Samples

Engineered by Chris Gordon & Earnest Woodall

Recorded and Mixed at the Zephyrwood Studios, Northport, NY USA

Art & Cover Design by Earnest Woodall

Special Thanks To: Barbara Bassmann Woodall, Christopher John Woodall, James Wyatt Woodall, Ernie Sr, Peter Rogine, Chris Gordon, Mike Pippia, Mike Schipp, Thomas Bassmann, Bernice, Liane, Lora, Kurtis, Jarred, Oma