"This is modern avant-garde for the new millennium."

"Woodall builds off-beat atmospheres with harsh textures and hard edges. Deep listeners will hear and feel the angst of hopeless searches."


"This wonderfully offbeat CD has few legitimate comparisons. "


"Using just about anything to inspire his writing, he reached a high point with 2002's Pictures in Mind, an album written after a particularly moving trip to a New York art museum. "


"Its an attractive album for someone who enjoys dynamics and power!"


"Time To Think is a wonderful collection of music. Because of the disparate elements, this compilation stands on its own as a richly textured and varied release all impeccably played."


"Woodall challenges the listener to think outside the box of the normal air of music."


"The overall feel is very warm and rich, the production values are excellent to boot, every nuance can be clearly heard."


"Life is a key word here, as mostly there are synthesizers but perfectly operated to take a listener on a moody journey."


"I have to say that this Northport, New York, composer and artist is not only talented, but imaginative as well."


"Earnest Woodall is a one musician and his abilities in this area combined with his compositional and production skills, make this an above average release."


"So high is the quality"

"The sounds are interestingly-arranged"


"it's music that relaxes you and then he does something that grabs your attention and makes you listen to the various layers of sound."


"A charming and constantly inventive disc."


"If you enjoy complex melodies, unusual tempos and intelligent composition, this is the stuff for you."


"Masterpiece of contained emotion expressed in a complex, subtle, intelligent and extremely inspired synth language."


"No borders, no rules, no regulations, just an ethereal kind of gait to the songs, as they swell and recede, instruments coming and going like supermarket traffic."


"The melodies are simple enough but don't be fooled, he uses layering so that what may sound simple is actually a number of melodies and at times counter melodies. As well, he makes changes so often, that you'll stop and listen with some more intensity."


"The music draws you in before you even notice the classical idiom, and once you're there, the experience is too good to leave." - "Highly recommended"


"Every aspect in it is pleasant to the ear."


"Many of the tracks are particularly ornate and intricate"


"The results are a diverse and breezy bunch of tunes which really make the artwork come alive." - "Very emotional"


"Woodall's ability to make melodies not just sing, but speak, is impressive."


"Call his music imaginative and unique."


"An excellent concept & has executed that concept perfectly."


"From full-bodied, muscular sounds to emotional sensitive tracks which feature an impressive compositional style with some searing piano performances."


"This album is a brave and inspired effort."


"The music throughout is light, easy to listen to and enjoyable."


"Quite intimidating for beautiful minimalistic melodies executed as if Rick Wakeman plays John Cale."


"Woodall's pieces are moving and serene displays of instrumentalism."


"Lushly constructed sounds"


"His exploratory journeys take us into the most intellectual regions of Classical Music, as well as Minimalism, and Concrete Music in its sound collage trends."


"Impeccable music"


"At times playful, and at other moments rather subdues, the music constantly challenges"


"It has a kaleidoscopic feel to it, lifting you in and out of moods with nary a thought for your well being. Its broader scope and schizophrenic approach."


"There's a quite full sound here, and the end results are rather absorbing, from the playful to the utterly serious and constrained."


"He masterfully adds certain touches of Minimalism."


"A puff of fresh air in the misty general assumption, a glimpse of the glorious view from this mountain of music that too often is surrounded by thick, thick clouds."


"Woodall has a good grasp of complex music."


"Earnest Woodall composers and creates music to read a book to or to sit and just contemplate or to clean out all the debris in your head and be inspired with fresh sounds." - "Highly recommended"


"Wrapped up in a crystal clear production that brings out the best in the inherent disjointed melodies and thick soundscape"


"Woodall is a real composer who knows how to combine and develop musical elements"


"The compositions are lush, often radiant, soundscapes put together with a technical ability and, a visionary sensibility."


"Full of life and thoughtful energy"


"There's many different moods, as Woodall alternates from clanking dissonance to sensitive beauty, all of it with a feel of someone who is secure in the craft of composition."


"Sounds which disturb and mesmerize"


"Exciting, richly detailed soundscape"

"Sometimes the music has a grandiose symphonic quality alive with the quality and beauty of Stravinsky." 

Earnest Woodall Music Composer
Earnest Woodall Music Composer