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“Had to let you know how superb this creative gift from your mind is. An intense melody that keeps the listener on the edge of their seat. I enjoyed each & every note”

- Art~Whimsically Yours, Matt, Chagrin falls, United States


“Mind Cinema !! Great sound! Awesome feel!”
- Uli Stonedigger, Frankenthal, Germany 

- Владимир Стоев 


“Beautiful in a charming and discreet way”

- Per Bronco

“I love this, beautiful instrumentation. gorgeous thought provoking piece.”

- disco vertigo, David Whitington, Cheboygan, United States

“Beautiful sound design. lovely”



“Waw! This is Incredible”

- Kï-LOW, Weed DRagoN.


“Beautiful sound man, great work”

- |A| The Awakening |33|, Martin Gervais, Sudbury, Canada 


“The steel string guitar adds a wonder, mystical layer to an already mystical track”

- David Dunham, Amarillo, United States 


“Very beautiful music very well done. Very original music with great suspense”

- Edward Cortes, Buenos Aires, Argentina. 


“So wonderful work 🌹🌹🌹”

- Loue Ghazi Music, Managing Director and producer, Uni Social Studio

“This is a beautiful noise”

- Antipodeans

“Striking and soothing theme - great composition!! Ethereal quality in abundance - something intangible…. Cool theme... excellent performance! Superb imaginative flair in both composition and performance. Brilliant! Friendly alien piece - maybe a hint of menace? Great stuff!!”
- The Windscale Blues Experiment, Nigel Manning, Sheffieldnt, UK


“Very creative music, good work”

- Slim Dogg, Jivko Ivanov, Bulgaria.

“Beautifully tranquil feel & the percussion was awesome!!! Killer theme & sound!!!! Very cool work!!!!”

- Jeremy J. Saks, Los Angeles, United States.


“Magic moment when listening to this track!”

“Really something unexpected, and very personal .... very pleasant to listen to.”
- DAN - DT, France

“Another cool track...really enjoyed it...great guitar”
- *thommo*

“Like a journey to the universe …"
- Ray Hamburg, Germany  

“I don't even know what to say about this... i just love it! Double wow on the guitar”
- Dave Does Ambient, United Kingdom

“Interesting - love the gentle movement of this piece. creative fx 🎨 cool spoken outro”
- Nikolaia

“Amazing cinematic vibe”

- Tom Halsall, Liverpool, United Kingdom. 

“Lovely, mysterious piano”
- Mitzimar

“Such a bliss this piece!”
- Lalli Fraendi

“A nocturnal sound setting with a very delicate background structure and a piano that dialogues with the night! I greatly appreciate - ❤️Love, 🕊️Peace, 🙏Respect - Very nice and well done this dialogue with two hands ! Great job!!! - ❤️Love, 🕊️Peace, 🙏Respect”
- Pier WILL 4H09, France

“Such a fine sense of tone and space here, beautifully written on the edge of the diatonic scale”

-, Brighton, UK


“This is really good, honestly. Do you know the works from Scelsi or Morton Feldman?

I think that this could have been the soundtrack for The 6th sense. In fact is better 👏👏👏”
- Alipio Santiago Dacosta, Spain

“Lovely FX on the left. So chilling and perfect piano. Great work.”
- SoJuKaNoU, Japan 

“A moody piece exceptionnel!”
- Roger Whittlesey, Boston USA

“Hair Raising Piece, Earnest. Very Well Done.”
- Synthgrinder, Max Stark, Deer Park, Texas, United States

“Great haunting atmosphere! Very nice production!”
- Lillithe Lausanne, Zurich, Switzerland


“Wonderful haunting piece”
- stabhappy

“An exquisitely textured audioscape...musical earphones are off to you sir”
- hishorseiscrazy, Ottawa, Canada

“Had a Calm and Pleasant moment with this piece. Well done”
- 4face Musik, Madagascar

“Takes you to another land for sure”
- Kadio

“Love the atmosphere....enthralling and haunting 👍👍👍

Mind bendingly unique. Really inctedible work on the keys as well. 👍👍👍

Extremely unique and creative work….👍👍👍"
- Will Sanders, Sydney, Australia

“There is a wonderful atmosphere. Piano melody is quiet and elegant”
- fu-fu, Japan

“Stunning suspense. Beautiful sounds and space. Joyous work :) Very evocative with great instrumentation nice use of voice... creepy cool mood”
- No Mates Ensemble, Mat Ward, Hobart, Australia

“Wonderful Piano composition I like it well done ❤️🎼🎵😊”

- carlo56, Karl Heimgartner, Quezon City, Philippines


“Simultaneously laconic and ethereal - A brilliant use of space and notes - Real music!”
- Rob Dame

“Profound/key cool/deep/so neat/sound that grows.

very cool/up in the air/as rare as well done/right on/ awesome”
- Walkin’ in Pa's Footsteps

“Perfect morning music exaclty what i need right now”
- Mike Molino

“Nice meditation!”

- Robert Knote

“This is trippy!”

“Very creative melodies! Nice piece!”
- Bruce Klepper


“Great composition!”
- G Bus, C. Stepniewski, Canada



“Musical fractalism ! Nice ... “

- Lalli fraendi 

“Cool track great piano game great track.🎶👍😎”
- Kenny Hultqvist, Sweden

“Terrific track and sound…fantastic composition!!! Great track and construction, dope sound and mix production!!!”
- IPG1 

“This key work is reminiscent of the distilling dew you mention in the song description...very well envisioned”
- hishorseiscrazy, Ottawa, Canada

“Cool theme... excellent performance! Enjoyed the angular jazz piano... expressive, unpredictable but always musical but with not attempt to tap my feet to the rhythm!

The intro sparks paranoia, voices are hallucinating but then the clarity arrives in the regimental rhythm of the vibrant piano... exciting stuff, beautifully executed layering melody but those voices won't go away…"

“I'm hoping that if I listen to this enough times I'll absorb some of the insanely high IQ that went into composing and performing it”
- grand panoramic salmon cannon

“Thank you for the journey, impressive piece”
- rosin dust, Tatiana Makarova, Novosibirsk, Russian Federation

“Splendid and discreet musicality!”
- Patrick Picault Toulouse, France

“I am thinking imaginative and creative and your music repeated my thoughts.”
- Andy Holt, Staffordshire, United Kingdom

“Amazing production...transportive music”
- Belial Pelegrim

“Fascinating! Wonderful piece!”
Bruce Klepper

“Amazing music!!”
Sean Ferree

“Super cool sounds man!”

Paul Banham, Valencia, Spain

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